Saturday, December 17, 2011

Emma and Todd

I literally do not know where I would be if it weren’t for Emma and Todd. They are my saving grace…my rocks. One of my first thoughts after learning that Isla had passed was to Thank God that this did not take away my motherhood. I still had a beautiful little girl at home that needed me. And I needed her just as much. I was so, so thankful that I had her to go home to. She truly kept me going and kept me smiling. I am equally as thankful for Todd, who has been a wonderful husband over the past 8 years….but totally stepped it up from back in the beginning of my pregnancy. He took over baths, dinner and other tasks that allowed me to take it easy when I wasn’t feeling well. His support allowed me to rest when I needed without feeling like I was neglecting my family. He is truly a godsend and I know he meant it when he told me that he knelt at my Mom’s casket after she died 11 years ago and promised her that he would take care of me. Emma and Todd are the true meaning of unconditional, infinite love. 

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