Friday, February 3, 2012

February Photo Challenge I started this challenge the other day and then I deleted the starting over....catching up on the past 3 days!

This is a February Photo-a-day a pic a day based on the list below. Thought it sounded like

Photo view at work...5 days a week!

Photo # 2: "Words" - my Mom passed away in 2000 and we put this on her mass cards that people took. It became a "mantra" for my sisters and I to survive our loss. My sister gave this to me as a gift and it is hanging over my bed. I think it is something to live by whether you have had a loss or not.

Photo #3: "Hands" - simply snapped a pic of my hands! A typical, every day wedding ring and a good every day polish..."Prima Ballerina" by one of my favorite brands, Essie. I have to say...I am pleased with how my nails are looking!!!! They all seem to be the same length. I love to paint my own nails and change out my polish at least once or twice a week.

Tomorrow's photo will be interesting since I don't really plan on leaving my house. I am planning on cleaning out my closet, a task I both dread and yet look forward to. I hate to be tied up in my closet all day, but if desperately needs some organization. I will be much happier once all my stuff is in it's rightful place!

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  1. I have missed a few days of the challenge, need to get back to it!